Timing and a Featured Project

December 30, 2014



“It all comes down to timing.”



Q:  What’s the best way to have timber trusses and components be seamlessly incorporated into your projects?

A:  Work with us early and look at us as your partner in the process.  By doing so you will allow us to provide you with the high quality service and craftsmanship we’re known for and take great pride in.  Timing truly can be everything.  The illustration above demonstrates the ideal scenario for blending our process with yours.


“Life is about Timing.” – Carl Lewis

Featured Project – 

A great example of partnerning and the right timing that resulted in a pleasureable crafting experiece for us, a very satisfied client and timber accents that blend seamlessly and beautifully into this gorgeous home.

“Your workmanship is unbelievable. Everything fit PERFECT! I gave Jim all the dimensions he needed over the phone and they did the rest. Jim took a crazy idea that i had and turned it into reality.” – John Lamar

Project Details: The barrel ceiling with 6×6 purlins that runs through the family room and into the outdoor living area. Douglas –fir. The timbers have spline joinery at each connection to make the curve.

Thank you John Lamar of Lamar Construction, it was a pleasure to work with you too.

If your looking for a builder in the Statesboro, GA area we highly recommend Lamar Construction.

“Good Times!”

Jim took our hard working team go-karting last month. Competition was fierce and fun was had by all especially the winners!

Those winners whos timing beat everyone else were – 1st – Mark; 2nd – Cory; 3rd – Weston. Thank you crew for all you do!


“Timing has a lot to do with art.” – LL Cool J

Yes – A clock – we had to do it!


“ Architecture should speak of it’s time and place, yet yearn for timelessness. ”

– Frank Gehry

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