How do you want your porch to look? Not scary we hope!

April 3, 2018


“Happiness is relaxing on the porch.” -Unknown

“Nothing is dangerous if you know what you are doing.” -Johnny Unitas

Happy Halloween! Most of us will be using our porches tonight either to pass out candy or to help receive it while accompanying cute little ones in costumes. Porches set the stage and mood for what is waiting for us inside; they are both a gateway and get away right at home. They’re important for sure and a great place to use, highlight and incorporate exposed heavy beams. What is here in the “scary” picture (which may/ or may not work structurally) doesn’t work at all visually. It would be our guess that a rough framer contractor did the “scary” you see here.

Over the years we have seen this kind of stuff on homes where something that should be done by a company like ours that specializes in exposed beam work was instead left up to other well meaning workers on site. Many portions of your home should be done and crafted by specialists (other examples would be – cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, tile – the list is long). There is a reason why there are sub-trades in construction because typically it is rare for someone to be an excellent jack of all trades. Carpentry/ woodworking also has own sub-specialties; the three most common are – rough framing, trim carpentry (window and door trim, baseboards, crown molding etc.) and exposed beam fabrication. Some might lump all of those into one category and want one single carpenter to do all three. Just like your family doctor can see you for a lot of things he or she will most times send you to a specialist so you get the best solutions for your specific issues. The same is true in home building.

Working with a great general contractor who uses specialists ensures you having a home with welcoming porches and an overall result that won’t frighten you or anyone who enters.

Wishing you and yours a fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


“ Architecture should speak of it’s time and place, yet yearn for timelessness. ”

– Frank Gehry

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