From Screen to Fantastic Seen

November 8, 2018


This impressive Lake Keowee, SC  home was designed and built by Ron Welch of Arcon Architects and Builders LLC, We’ve worked with Ron and his team many times; his attention to details and quality always concludes with fantastic results.

To design the timber elements for this project we utilized screen sharing through a remote meeting program with Ron and his clients. By using 3D modeling the client can view not only the shape of the timbers, but also the scale relative to the room size. Between 3D modeling of the home and accessing the thousands of pictures of our past projects, we can make sure the client is getting the look and feel they want for their home prior to the first piece of timber being cut in the shop. We do this often with our clients; it’s a great tool to help visualize ahead of time and get all on the same page when everyone can’t be in the same place.

Give us a call 877-898-1655 or email us at to set up a time to screen share for your project.

As you can see below the results speak for themselves….

Grateful for projects like these, our clients and the technology of the internet that all help us do what we do.


“ Architecture should speak of it’s time and place, yet yearn for timelessness. ”

– Frank Gehry

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