3D Modeling The Golden Ratio

October 31, 2017


Check out this 3d model of one of our projects!
Heard of the Golden Ratio?
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Why use 3d Modeling?
Getting the right shape and size- “The Golden Ratio”

Choosing the correct shape and size of timber trusses and components goes much deeper than what will get the job done structurally; 3d modeling is a great tool we use often to help make the choice. Let’s face it exposed beams in any project are certainly a prominent and visually stunning feature. When done right they are spectacular in a soothing and comforting way. The natural beauty of the wood, the craftsmanship, and the feel of strength and safety just feels right. When sizing is not properly considered you end up with either a spindly or heavy feel to the space.

Good design is timeless: The Ancient Greeks studied and implemented The Golden Ratio for art and architecture. When doing a simple google search for The Golden Ratio the following information comes up.

“Phidias (500 BC – 432 BC), a Greek sculptor and mathematician, studied phi and applied it to the design of sculptures for the Parthenon. Euclid proved that the diagonals of the regular pentagon cut each other in “extreme and mean ratio”, now more commonly known as the golden ratio.”

These methods are still in use every day for just about any objects you can think of because us humans are so effected by what we see. Look around a little and you’ll see where it’s done right and you’ll also see where some things just look and feel awkward. The last place anyone would want awkward is in their home or place of business.

While this all may seem a little nerdy the Accent Truss team takes size and shape very seriously. By utilizing 3d modeling we can be certain we have the right size and shape prior to cutting any timber. The final result is an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that we’re sure The Ancient Greeks would approve of.


“ Architecture should speak of it’s time and place, yet yearn for timelessness. ”

– Frank Gehry

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